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What are the B2B Video Marketing Formats that Drive Sales?

With the advent of B2B video content marketing, many marketers have expressed their interest in trying out the strategy. However, they often fail to align their efforts with actual results. Using technology coupled with the willingness of companies to invest and test video content marketing, marketers can finally push marketing strategies to new directions.

B2B marketers who are interested in video marketing strategies have the same goals: create awareness about their brand; engage potential customers online; and generate sales leads. In order to satisfy multiple customer needs in all the sales channels, marketers need different video formats to target the stages of buying from the buyer’s perspective.

These are some of the most effective video marketing formats that marketers can use:

· Product Demonstrations
These days, buyers like to do their own research instead of dealing with aggressive sales people. Product demos give potential buyers the necessary information they need about your products or services. Multiple product demos can be made for different prospects.

· Customer Testimonials
Set up an interview with your customers highlighting their positive feedback about your products or services. The video will prove to potential and new customers that you are a real company that offers reliable products or services.

· Keynote Presentations
Document the speaking engagements executives at your company participate in. Highlight industry trends and other topics your target market is interested in. Participation in conferences and speaking engagement add to your company’s credibility.

· Influential Interviews
Look to your customers and industry experts on social media. Choose the ones with the most followers and who are more likely to cross-promote your videos through their own platform. Have them talk about their experiences, trends and standard industry practices. Structure the interviews in such a way that it is informational and can be linked to the products or services that are offered by your company.

Oftentimes, marketers are challenged by the lack of funds, resources and even creativity needed to produce video marketing content. Eventually budgets will increase and support will be placed on the ability of the video marketing to drive revenues.


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