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According to research, people tend to learn more when more senses are involved in the teaching and learning process. These senses are particularly the 5 senses: the sense of sight, sense of smell, sense of taste, sense of touch, and sense of hearing. The more senses are involved in the learning activity, the more the lesson retains in a person’s memory. If you are a teacher or a trainer, it is a good teaching strategy to talk, and discuss as well as let the trainees write. It is also good to show them some common visual aids such as written reports on paper, presenting data using slideshows and for some, projecting information using a projector. These are actually good teaching strategies. But technology has evolved into higher level. As a trainer, whether we like it or not, we need to adapt to changes. From typical poster presentations to projector usage to sideshow presentations, comes the higher form of teaching nowadays, the video presentation.

Video presentation involves the sense of sight and the sense of hearing altogether. Here are some benefits of choosing video presentation as one of your teaching strategies:

Saves time. Saving time does not mean you are in a hurry to cut off a discussion. It means you cut off unnecessary span of time and use it as a time for more important things instead, such as using it as a time for asking questions instead. The time you spend stuttering will be eliminated and you will not need to worry about your nervousness. The time you are spending now is worth it and more of a quality time already.

Discussion is more prolonged. Since you have saved enough time for the report, after the video, you may now discuss supplementary information to your trainees.

There are things you cannot explain by talking about it but by showing how it actually works or how it is actually done. This is where video presentations are important. You will be able to explain things by showing it to your trainees.

Your trainees will surely stay awake. It is just like watching movies, you want to watch a movie instead of reading the reviews about it. The trainees will be able to focus on your discussion and not on the rate of your speech, your pronunciations or the other factors that affect a trainee’s attention span and focus.

It is interactive. You may want to pause the video for a moment and discuss what they have seen. People tend to interact since there will be no dead air.

There are lots of teaching strategies. This is just one of the effective ones. You can choose which one may be effective for you. It depends on you, actually.


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