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Logistics Checklist

To enable us to quote on any project, we need to know the various details of the program that will impact the time, manpower skills and equipment that we will need. To this end, we’ve developed a checklist of items for your consideration. Your answers will enable us to develop a program that is effective, entertaining and within budget.

General Rental Questions

  1. Expected duration of the rental period, on a per room basis?
  2. Is your requirement for one room or several rooms? And how many people will be in the audience of each room?
  3. Is there a need for makeup or wardrobe/costume professionals, or will the client supply their own?
  4. Are location / room props, or other staging required to be in the setting, eg. chairs, couches, tables, lamps, podiums, stages, etc. ? If so, what is required, and will the client be supplying these, or do you require Video Excellence to do so?

Lighting Related Questions?

  1. Any special lighting needs, ie. natural ambient room lighting, or specialty, spotlights and coloured lighting, or video related lighting?
  2. Is there a requirement to light only the main presenter, or also a requirement to light the audience?
  3. Is there a requirement for the lighting levels to change over the duration, or remain at one level?
  4. Once positions of the lighting are set, do they remain that way, or is there a requirement for the lights to move at any time?

Sound Related Questions

  1. Any special audio or sound requirements, ie. Wireless microphones because the presenters are moving around, or Wired applications where there is a fixed podium or microphone stand? And how many of each type?
  2. If wireless microphone(s) are required, are they to be handheld, or a lavalier arrangement attached to the person’s collar, jacket or tie? And how many of each type?
  3. Do you require one or more podiums, microphone desk stands, or floor stands? And how many of each type?
  4. Do your presenter(s) require teleprompters?
  5. Will you be using the sound system from the hall (most times not recommended), or do you require Video Excellence to bring in the appropriate number of speakers, amplifiers, and mixers to give your audience acoustically professional sound quality?
  6. Is there a need for background music playing prior to the main presentation? And/or during the opening, middle, closing of any of the presentations? And whether the music is to be customized, private or public domain?

Projection Related Questions?

  1. Are there graphics, text titles, sub-titles, charts, logos, etc., to be projected onto the screen prior to the formal presentation, and are they to be static (motionless) or animated?
  2. What number of projector(s) are required? And are you projecting data information from a computer, and/or, projecting footage from a VCR, and/or, projecting slides from a slide projector, and/or, projecting live footage from a camera, and/or projecting vugraph or plastic overhead foils….. and do you require markers to mark up the plastic foils?
  3. Will the projectors be showing only visuals, or is there an audio component to the visuals that are shown? Eg. a video usually has both a visual and sound component.
  4. Will room lighting be reduced every time something is projected, or will you be keeping the lighting consistently at one level?
  5. By layout of the room, is there a need for rear-screen or front-screen projection? Does the speaker need to interact with the projector(s) personally, or point to areas on the screen?
  6. The quantity, size, and type of the screen(s) required…… from 6’x8′ portable tripod screen, up to 10’x14′ screens framed with black draping?

If Filming is Required?

  1. Will filming occur in Toronto or out-of-town (and if so, where)? If out-of-town, will there be an overnight requirement, necessitating accommodations and meals for the client’s and Video Excellence staff? If out-of-town, is there a travel component?
  2. Does filming occur at a client location, or is there a requirement for a special studio or location rental, and if so, do you wish Video Excellence to secure these?
  3. Are we filming in a location that could be potentially dangerous to manpower or camera hardware, where additional risk insurance might be required? And if so, will the client or Video Excellence be supplying this?
  4. The number of locations for filming, and are they indoors and/or outdoors? Will we be required to film one scenario in one location at a time, or will there be a requirement for additional camera people to film simultaneously in the same or different venues?
  5. If multiple cameras are required, is there a need record the footage from each camera, or are the cameras required only to enable the images to be live-projected? If recording is required, is there a need to live-mix the footage together? Will this mixed footage be projected live to screen? Is there a need to record this mixed footage?
  6. For what period of time are the camera(s) required?
  7. For filming purposes, do you require only ambient lighting, or additional lighting to highlight the subject matter?
  8. For filming purposes, do you require capturing only ambient room sound, or do you also require professional recording of speeches, etc.?
  9. The quality required for capturing the program? (eg. Standard Definition 4:3 or Hi-Definition 16:9)


Who We Are?

Video Excellence Productions is a full service production studio. Since 1983, we’ve provided outstanding professional customer service and creativity that give our clients’ customized projects unmatched persuasiveness and impact. We are flexible in how we work with you to achieve your goals.

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