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Corporate Promotions


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  • Corporate Image and Product Promotion
  • Industrial / Process Videos
  • Point of Purchase Sales Videos
  • TV Commercials & Infomercials
  • Infomercials
  • Training programs – Audio and Video
  • Videotaping of Seminars, Lectures, Conferences and Trade Shows
  • Single and multi-Camera Projects

Logistics Checklist

To enable us to quote on any project, we need to know the various details of the program that will impact the time, manpower skills and equipment that we will need, and whether the client has within their company any materials or talents that can be utilized in the project.

To this end, we’ve developed a checklist of items for your consideration. Your answers will enable us to develop a program that is effective, entertaining and within budget.

  1. Expected duration of the finished video or multimedia program?
  2. Is this project for internal usage, for public viewing, or media broadcast on TV or internet?
  3. Who is / are the target markets?
  4. What do you want the video / multimedia program to accomplish?
  5. Concept development and script writing- will this be prepared by the client in-house, or would you like Video Excellence to provide this?
  6. The estimated number of hours of camera filming, and number of cameras simultaneously in use?
  7. The number of locations for filming, and are they indoors and/or outdoors? Will we be required to film one scenario in one location at a time, or will there be a requirement for additional camera people to film simultaneously in different venues?
  8. Will filming occur in Toronto or out-of-town (and if so, where)? If out-of-town, will there be an overnight requirement, necessitating accommodations and meals for the client’s and Video Excellence’ staff? If out-of-town, is there a travel component?
  9. Does filming occur at a client location, or is there a requirement for a special studio or location rental, and if so, do you wish Video Excellence to secure these?
  10. Are we filming in a location that could be potentially dangerous to manpower or camera hardware, where additional risk insurance might be required? And if so, will the client or Video Excellence be supplying this?
  11. Any special lighting needs, ie. natural ambient lighting, or incremental video lighting?
  12. Any special audio or sound requirements, ie. ambient environmental camera sound, or “wired” for sound? Wireless microphones or wired applications?
  13. Is there a need for makeup or wardrobe/costume professionals, or will the client supply their own?
  14. Are location / room props required to be in the film setting, eg. chairs, couches, tables, lamps, etc.? If so, what is required, and will the client be supplying these, or do you require Video Excellence to do so?
  15. Is there a requirement for meals and refreshments for the client’s and Video Excellence’ staff? If so, do you wish Video Excellence to arrange for this?
  16. Estimated number of hours of editing, dependent on complexity of graphics and transitions between scenes?
  17. With or without digital transition effects, animations, and amount and complexity of each?
  18. Are there graphics, text titles, sub-titles, charts, logos, etc., and are they to be static (motionless) or animated?
  19. The quantity of background music – opening, middle, closing – and whether it is customized, private or public domain?
  20. With or without narration — off-screen or on-screen narrator – using in-house staff, or Video Excellence to provide experienced professional(s)?
  21. Is there an audience of people to be filmed in addition to the main actor? Is the client supplying the audience, or does Video Excellence need to recruit one? Does the sound from the audience need to be captured?
  22. Are we dealing with one language, or multi-language (international) versions of the program? Will this impact subsequent script translation, graphics translation and additional voiceover(s), and will the client or Video Excellence supply these?
  23. Is this program for viewing in North America and/or overseas? If international, then which countries?
  24. The final output? -if disc output, then which format eg. CD or DVD -if for internet viewing or streaming, then which format eg. mp4, avi, etc.
  25. If CD-ROM or DVD output, then do all of the intended viewers have the appropriate equipment and software to run the program properly?
  26. The quantity of copies required, and packaging considerations, ie. labels, cases, sleeves, etc.?
  27. Is there a requirement for a multi-repeat DVD for use in tradeshows, where the program will repeat itself continuously?


Who We Are?

Video Excellence Productions is a full service production studio. Since 1983, we’ve provided outstanding professional customer service and creativity that give our clients’ customized projects unmatched persuasiveness and impact. We are flexible in how we work with you to achieve your goals.

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