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Logistics Checklist

To enable us to quote on any project, we need to know the various details of the program that will impact the time, manpower skills and equipment that we will need, and whether the client has within their company any materials or talents that can be utilized in the project.

To this end, we’ve developed a checklist of items for your consideration. Your answers will enable us to develop a program that is effective, entertaining and within budget.

  1. Expected duration of the finished video or multimedia program?
  2. The quality required for capturing the program? (eg. Standard Definition 4:3 or Hi-Definition 16:9)
  3. Is this project for internal usage, for public viewing, or media broadcast on TV or internet?
  4. Is there a requirement for additional filming, and will the client be doing this, or is there a need for Video Excellence to do so?
  5. Are there graphics, text titles, sub-titles, charts, logos, etc., and are they to be static (motionless) or animated?
  6. Is there a requirement for animated photos, and how many?
  7. What is the quantity and type of the source materials, eg. how many photos, how many slides, how much film footage, how much video footage, etc.
  8. What kind of music is required, and how many pieces? Will the client supply this music or will Video Excellence use its own library, or source it from another source?
  9. Is there a requirement for narration, and if so, will the client supply the narrator to record at our studio, or do you wish Video Excellence to supply a professional?
  10. Will the client be creating and supplying the script to define how all the images will sequence, or is there a requirement for Video Excellence to do so?


Who We Are?

Video Excellence Productions is a full service production studio. Since 1983, we’ve provided outstanding professional customer service and creativity that give our clients’ customized projects unmatched persuasiveness and impact. We are flexible in how we work with you to achieve your goals.

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Comments / Questions