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Projection, Sound and Lighting

Whether it’s for a small lecture in a corporate boardroom, or for a presentation in a massive hall at the local convention centre.
Whether it’s for one lecturer at a microphone stand, or a panel of 15 guests in a discussion group.
Whether it’s for a vugraph/overhead charts session or a projection system for a slideshow, data and video.
Whether it’s using just natural lighting of the room, or customized mood lighting for awards presentations and fashion shows.
Video Excellence Productions can meet all the A/V (Audio-Visual) requirements.


  • We can interface various DVD players and computers to projectors with varying resolutions, to work under a variety of room lighting conditions.
  • We can run one projector or multiple projectors simultaneously, and switch programs between projectors.
  • We can interface video projection and multiple live cameras and switch between them to project what is happening live onto local screens.
  • We have projection equipment to meet the varied needs of our clients.


  • We can supply wired microphones with desk stands, floor stands, or interfaced to podiums.
  • We have a variety of wireless microphone systems with handheld mics, or lavalier body-pak mics that clip to the presenter’s collar or tie.
  • We interface to mixers, amplifiers and speakers that range in capabilities to handle a few people in small rooms to convention-sized halls holding thousands of conferees.
  • We have sound and audio equipment to meet the varied needs of our clients.


  • We have a variety of lighting systems to meet the most demanding needs.
  • We have “spots and pots” of various sizes, coloured, daylight and tungsten as well as lasers, and either static, manual or computer controlled.
  • We have lighting equipment to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

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Who We Are?

Video Excellence Productions is a full service production studio. Since 1983, we’ve provided outstanding professional customer service and creativity that give our clients’ customized projects unmatched persuasiveness and impact. We are flexible in how we work with you to achieve your goals.

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