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DVD-ROM & CD-ROM Business Cards


What is a DVD-ROM or CD-ROM business card?

Imagine handing a DVD-ROM business card to your prospective clients. Not only will you hand them your business card (with the traditional name, address, telephone #, email and logo, and approximately the same size as a normal business card), you will simultaneously be handing them an electronic form of your corporate brochure covering highlights of your entire business…. a promotional video of sorts, in dynamic form with motion visuals, text and graphics, narration and music, providing your information and services at a fraction of what traditional marketing would cost.  A CD-ROM business card has essentially most of the same features and benefits, but the content of the disc is only audio, useful for someone listening to your program while driving, eg. a lecture, songs, etc.

Benefits of the DVD-ROM or CD-ROM Business Card

Below are a few reasons why the CD-ROM business card has become one of the greatest marketing tools to hit businesses.

Get Noticed and Be Heard!
The DVD-ROM or CD-ROM business card is a fresh, recent innovation with less than 2 percent of businesses stumbling onto its benefits. Yet, according to a Yankee Group study, because of its uniqueness, the DVD-ROM or CD-ROM business card is 100 times more likely to get noticed and build brand awareness compared to an average cardboard business card. It’s often difficult to get the time or attention you need to get your message across clearly. If you are a salesperson, this is your dream tool!

Look Professional
Stand out above and beyond your competition. With various shapes and sizes, the DVD-ROM or CD-ROM business card can leave your clients with an exciting and memorable impression.

Generate Traffic to your Website
As part of the contents of your DVD-ROM or CD-ROM business card, you can provide a direct link to your website and email. Direct people to your website with the click of a mouse. The browser will automatically open and launch your site.

Condense much of your paper materials into an “all-in-one” useable package. No more carrying hard-copy, videos and oversized collateral that is often bulky and challenging to handle, especially when travelling. And if your client has to in-turn present your materials to a more senior level, you don’t encumber them with managing that bulk. DVD-ROM or CD-ROM business cards are light and compact.

Fast and Easy Access to Information
When the internet isn’t required or available to access your website, the DVD-ROM or CD-ROM business card is self-contained. It has much of the information your customer requires to make a decision about dealing with your company. They can access these details from the DVD-ROM or CD-ROM business card through their computer, at work or home.

Cost Effective
Increase your response rate and decrease your advertising cost. Mailing the DVD-ROM or CD-ROM business card (very light weight) is done at a fraction of the cost of mailing a brochure and/or regular-sized DVD together (much heavier).

User Friendly
The DVD-ROM or CD-ROM business card will self-start when inserted into a computer CD-ROM or DVD drive. You don’t have to know how to use a computer. No software to download. Just point and click.

Best of all it fits right in your pocket!
The DVD-ROM or CD-ROM business card will play in any standard loading tray of a desktop or laptop CD-ROM or DVD drive.


The specs below are based on our 40mb CD-ROM business card.

Up to 50 min of audio, or
Up to 1,500 pages of text, or
Up to 5 min of digital video, or
Up to 500 (640×480) graphics
Internet connectivity
Unlimited web links

The capacity of each DVD-ROM or CD-ROM business card varies depending on the overall physical size of the card. Data is written from the inside ring towards the narrowest outer edge as long as there is a complete circle. So, the wider the disc is at its narrowest point, the more data it can hold. Whether it’s 40mbs or 100mbs, we can custom tailor the card in shape and size to meet the final size of your presentation.

Hockey Rink DVD-ROM or CD-ROM Business Card
– Actual size: 59mm x 80mm
– Capacity: up to 50mb

Rectangular Business Card
– Actual size: 85mm x 60mm
– Capacity: up to 50mb

MiniCD Round Shape
– Actual size: 80mm diameter
– Capacity: 180mb

Regular Round Shape CDR
– Actual size: 120mm
– Capacity: 650/700mb

3/10 of an ounce. It mails for letter-size postage!

Multiple Operating Systems
Cards can be programmed to play in either PC or Apple systems, or both.

Five colour process (CMYK) silkscreen. PMS spot colours can also be printed. Rectangular cards are offset printed.


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