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Interactive training in a multimedia online (web-based) or disc format means more than having a user hit a button on their computer to take them to the next page. By and large, people learn by doing, and this means creating a package of computerized learning material that is automatically tailored to the needs of the individual learner.

A challenging media-rich learning experience, particularly if the trainer can put a novel spin into the content and presentation, is more likely to win the learner’s interest and participation than a worthy but predictable electronic lecture or an electronic book.

This may take the form of any of the following …

  • navigation set up at the start (“click here if you are a sales advisor / manager / administrator / other”), which then takes the learner on a specific route through the material. This gives the trainer a wider audience and therefore more value from the investment in the material, and hopefully a better result in terms of learning for the particular user.
  • setting and recording a variety of quizzes, tests and games, as well as displaying text and graphics, playing audio and video, involving the user in a multi-sensory experience, etc.
  • being more sophisticated, using tests to find out how much the learner already knows and maybe even their learning style, and so uniquely refining the training route even further.
  • allowing the user to play only the segments they need, or to select the sequence they want, or to arrive at different end points depending on the choices they’ve made.

The interactive multimedia training experience typically allows the user to gain knowledge and practice a job function in a safe and controlled manner. The closer the trainer can get to a simulation of the situation or process the user will experience in their real task or job, the more realistic and tangible the learning involvement will be.

Video Excellence Productions is the Interactive Training leaders in Training videos and Seminar videos in Toronto.

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