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Technology touches Hearts: Tribute Videos

Technology has been a controversial issue these days. Some say it is harmful and it has bad effects but for others, it is very helpful. Yes, there may be advantages as well as disadvantages but let us consider on which aspect it is used and applied. Let us not generalize. If we can see harmful effects of it, then let us avoid using technology in that aspect.

When we talk about technology, we tackle only is technical effects such as how it innovates a thing, the simplified work it produces, the improved gadgets and many more. Now, let us go beyond superficial and dig deeper on what technology can offer aside from those. Technology also has its way to comfort us in times of grief, to show some respect on someone who has already passed away, and to touch the hearts of the people who were left. Technology does these things in the form of a tribute video.

A tribute video is a special video made that is intended to give tribute and show respect to the person who has just passed away. This may not be seen by that person but it is one way to honor that person and his or her deeds when he or she was still alive.

Here are the components of a tribute video:

1. The theme of the entire video. In choosing this, you consider the things that the tribute-subject (the person this video gives tribute to) is most passionate about. Let’s say for example it would be in a form of a fairy-tale theme since the tribute-subject loves princesses.

2. The pictures, and videos of the tribute-subject. These belong to the major components that make up the tribute video. Here, you are able to take a glimpse of who the tribute-subject was, his personality, his passion, and other features you can capture with videos and pictures.

3. The background music. This is vital because it places emotion on the video. It gives life to your tribute video.

4. The captions or narrations. You may choose between the two. You can settle for captions which are just texts narrating the video. On the other hand, you can choose a voice-over narration. Any of the two is able to explain the pictures or videos more. A picture may paint a thousand words but you can also explain it yourself. These narrations help people to understand the video more and to know the tribute-subject as well.

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