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How to Get Good Sounding Audio for Video, Especially in Corporate Videos Toronto

The quality of your audio is the most important thing you need when producing a video. Without the sound, a video is simply pictures or graphics, and the message you are intending to send will not necessarily be interpreted appropriately by the public viewing your video. There are three specific times when you will need good audio sound if you are producing a video of your own. These times are… when you are recording a video at home, when you are being interviewed, and when you are a speaker at a seminar or convention. For more information about getting great sound when you are producing a video check out companies that do strictly corporate videos Toronto in Canada. Your video productions should be high quality work and the audio should be level instead of constant fluctuating. This is the way to make your video look like a professional production.

When you are recording your own audio for a home video the results may not be good due to several factors. Background noise, the acoustics of the room and echoing are problems because the microphone picks everything up. Air conditioning, heating systems and fans can go on and off during the recording. Also, the level of the sound will not be consistent throughout the video because of the distance between the microphone (if on the computer) and where the sound is generated from (the location of you (your voice)). Bad sound quality shows you to be unprofessional. To counteract these issues contact a company specializing in corporate videos Toronto, Canada area. To minimize some of those audio difficulties, choose a small room with carpeting and drapes.  Turn off the AC/heating systems, turn off (or unplug) any phones, and unplug fans, printers, and any other noise source. At this point, the only sources of sound should be your voice. And if you’re always facing the microphone, the sound level should now be more consistent.

When you are a speaker at a convention and standing behind a podium you may have difficulties using a stationary microphone. The problem comes into play when you are turning your head back and forth talking to the audience. The audio will not be at a consistent level while making those head-turning movements. The answer to that problem is wearing a lapel microphone (ideally in front of your body, clipped to your tie or near your shirt buttons) so that there is a fixed and small distance between the microphone and your mouth. You are free to turn your head or walk around if you need to. Another situation that arises is being interviewed by someone when the cameras are on you. To avoid audio issues you should wear a lapel microphone or use a boom microphone which will be just above your head out of camera range. A stationary microphone on a stand will not work well in this instance (for similar reasons mentioned previously). If you need help or have questions about getting good sounding audio, and you live in Canada do a little research to find corporate videos Toronto companies and they will be glad to help you achieve great audio.

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