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How to Sell to A Target Market of Seniors, especially in Corporate Video Production Toronto

Selling to Senior Citizens, especially in Corporate Video Production Toronto
One of the biggest target markets today is our senior citizens. It has been said that this target trend will continue over the next twenty years. Your business must produce products or services that are specifically geared toward the seniors’ market. It must be something that they need in order for them to make that purchase. The challenge is finding the most appropriate advertising vehicle to reach seniors… using videos has always been a viable marketing tool. For those residing in Canada, many Toronto corporate video production services can be found online to help you make a choice if a video is right for your seniors’ marketing campaign. Keep in mind that within the seniors’ market, there are many niches (eg. defined by age, sex, health, wealth, etc.)… many seniors are living on a fixed income, and seniors do not spend their money frivolously. The product or service must be functional, safe, make their life better, meet their needs, and most importantly, it should be affordable.

More Seniors’ Demographics, especially in Corporate Video Production Toronto
Seniors want the truth and facts about products or services when watching or reading an advertisement. They don’t want a bunch of fluff or they will ignore your ad completely. In today’s world of electronic gadgetry, some older seniors don’t understand how the technology works, and some aren’t computer literate. Sometimes senior citizens even have a rough time operating a DVD player. It would be difficult to market a video on DVD discs to groups like that. Businesses would have to find another creative way to get a marketing video in front of millions of seniors. If you have a business in Canada, you may want to ask for help producing your video by searching Toronto corporate video businesses on the internet or business directory. A business owner should really consider whether they are marketing to a 58 year old getting ready to retire, or to someone already living in a retirement home.

Presentation methods for Seniors, especially in Corporate Video Production Toronto
One way of using a video is through a presentation via video projection or on the television. It would be in a group situation where you can show your video to multiple seniors at one time. It would be just like watching a TV program or commercial. With your video, the group can see the product or service, it would be informative with no fluff, and your message is reaching several people at once.  The presenter can be there to lead and answer questions after the group has viewed the video. Another idea is to use the video as a TV commercial, choosing an appropriate network and time slot. Your video could reach millions of people. This type of video will take time to develop the creative, to plan and then produce. There are costs associated with that production as well as costs for the TV network air time.  That is when you get a professional Toronto corporate video production company involved to either produce the video or be a consultant. To find someone who produces videos in Ontario, search for Toronto corporate video companies and choose the company that suits your needs.

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