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Using Customized Videos for Training to Improve Corporate Results

For some corporate businesses that hire new employees, formal training is a phrase that hasn’t been commonly heard in the last few years. Operational updates, service and product enhancements, procedural and technical teachings, and annual meetings are just some of the content for videos used in training. And not just training of new employees but also educating existing employees, dealers & distributors as well as customers and investors. For new employees, despite some thorough training at the start of a job, there should also be ongoing training sessions for trainee’s improvement in their professional field, which would also benefit the company. With the resultant improvement in creativity, effectiveness and efficiency, the importance of training videos is rising in popularity due to their many benefits.

Savings of Time, Effort and Convenience

Several of the many benefits of creating and using customized training videos are that they
– save time for the employee and company while reducing the cost of having to do live instructor-based teaching,
– increase the convenience to the employee of taking the training at a time and place when they are best apt to learn most effectively,
– introduce portability of the training to a lot of potential learners while ensuring consistency of the delivery and message content. Instructors and learners don’t have to spend unproductive travel time away from their jobs and home location.

Customized Training Improves the Pace of Learning

Another benefit of having customized videos to train employees is the improved pace of learning. It’s a proven fact that not all people learn the same way with the same methods… some do well with just reading, some learn and retain better with audio methods, and some need motion visuals to keep their attention and drive home the details. Information like policy changes, safety regulations, updated procedures, new services and products, can easily be filmed and distributed to employees, dealers and customers and investors. Available methods for viewing of these videos include DVDs (which can have menus and chapters and allow for guided or selective learning), and computer-based videos (either for desktop usage or in webinars off the internet). These minimize the need of an instructor to lead the training as well as facilitates timelier and quicker completion.

Lower Costs and More Effective Training Budget

The next advantage to having a training video is reduced overall costs in training. By allowing the people being trained to do so at their own location and convenience, it saves the company from hiring more trainers, arranging logistics for training locations, travel costs for instructors and employees not located at a central location, and other miscellaneous expenses. As well, instructors being individuals themselves with different skills, may not all have the capabilities to deliver the message content consistently and effectively…. some audiences might then have to have additional sessions to get the message properly. Yet in developing a customized training production, the ideal instructor can be videotaped delivering the ideal presentation, ensuring a consistent message is conveyed.


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