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Why Video Marketing Should be a Priority

Video marketing is often overlooked or given minimum resources for marketing. What businesses do not realize is that a large chunk of the 18 to 34 year old demographics are watching more online videos than ever before. Investing in advertising, video content and marketing should be a number one priority.

Every Brand Needs an Online Presence
YouTube is the world’s largest video search engine and people spend hour and hours watching videos, which add up to about six billion hours each month. The site also allows users to have a custom thumbnail next to the link. This makes it more accessible for other users to identify you and your brand. There is also a lot of potential to gain more “real estate” depending on the chosen content of the viewers.

Video Marketing Enhances Visibility
YouTube video searches also account for web search results on Google. A well optimized YouTube channel has a higher chance of appearing in other search results. By linking your YouTube channel to other social media accounts, activity on search results also increases.

Businesses have a lot of data available to them that can be used in order to further maximize the benefits of creating video marketing content.

Do Your Research
There are a lot of analytical tools available to gauge what kind of content audiences are currently watching. It gives you an idea what audiences want and that is key to understanding what content you should be producing.

Strategize Ahead of Time
Create a planner for the videos and map out a schedule of each release for a series of video content. If possible, use paid advertising to back up social media campaigns released on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other platforms.

Create the Right Content for Your Target Audience
Think about your target audience and create a campaign that speaks to them directly. Of course it can’t hurt to create content that targets a wider audience as well but doing the former is what translates to actual results.


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