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Why It Pays to Have Your Company Events Captured on Video, particularly in Corporate Video Toronto

More and more companies now realize the benefits of capturing any corporate events on video. This is especially so in this high-tech age where almost everyone watches videos on a regular basis. For the business owner, here are some reasons why you should capture in video all your company’s key events:

It is a good marketing tool for the image of a business.

A video presentation would make a very good marketing tool even if what is shown is not directly related to the company’s products or services in the form of an advertisement. Whatever exposure a company gets would have a huge impact on the marketing activities of a company.

Also remember that some of these videos could later be re-purposed for use in other corporate communications, for sales, marketing and training purposes. This would save on future video production costs for those applications.

According to the latest figures from reliable sources, the average internet user spends 88 percent more on sites with video presentations. A company’s website that has a video in it has more chances of landing on the first page of Google searches. In another survey, 75 percent of senior executives who may hold key roles in decision making, watch work-related videos at least once a week.

It is a good motivational tool for workers.

In the words of an expert video professional who has been capturing company events for many years now, it always amazes him to see workers looking forward to seeing themselves in those videos. An employee who sees themselves at a company event gets a sense of belonging with her or his co-workers and the company itself. And with kind of positive feeling, motivation of a worker seems to soar even further. Workers look forward to participation in company events.

It enhances company image.

It has been shown that companies that maximize the use of videos tend to enjoy a better image than their competitors. This is with the assumption of course that these videos are of high-quality and well presented. Otherwise, the effect would be the opposite – leaving a bad impression on the viewers. Videos capturing employees having fun or participating in development programs send a message of a very positive company image.

It is a great promotional material for hiring workers.

Watching video presentations never fail to get the emotional reaction of a viewer, especially seeing workers enjoying themselves and having great time with their fellow workers. These kinds of images would send a positive signal to potential new hires. This benefits the company greatly in situations where it is trying to invite applicants with the most potential.

As many companies may attest, getting those company events in videos has been very beneficial in many ways. To them, the end result is clearly worth the expense it incurred.

And for those companies who may want to capture their next event, be reminded that it should make the most of it by having the best possible end product. Do not skimp on expenses since a small flaw may make a huge impact on the quality. And for a really good video presentation, use a corporate video production company in Toronto. Look for those that have the experience and knowledge for this kind of specialty.


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